Hi, I'm Jess



A qualified Reiki Master, Theta Healer, Multidimensional Therapist, Meditation Teacher and EFT Practitioner.

Serving as a mentor and energy healer, I've had the chance to work with multicultural backgrounds with different beliefs, challenges and visions which helped me to tailor my services to meet different needs.


I believe that we have the power to heal our lives from the inside out by the way we think, feel and act. I hold space for you to heal, grow and awaken your inner power to make the changes you need to pursue your desires and live your most authentic and empowered life.


I grew up in a home with a lack of emotional support with many responsibilities from an early age, one of them was to help out with my lovely sister who has down syndrome - that everyday life made me see the world from a different light.


On the other hand, I lived on an emotional roller coaster with a lack of purpose and joy in life. I struggled with anxiety, co-dependency and a distorted view of myself. I didn't really know who I was outside of my family dynamics and relationships, all I knew was that I needed to change my life.


I began my self-healing journey over 7 years ago, I found then, my path. I got into meditation, self-healing and energy healing. I started to reframe my limiting beliefs, traumas, emotional blocks and make peace with my past. That journey opened my mind and whole being to new possibilities. Life then had meaning and purpose, I could feel the fire in my belly for the first time, I could look in the mirror and see my eyes sparkling and my smile shining. That was the woman I was looking for.


If like me and so many others, you're excited to live an authentic and empowered life, I invite you to go on a journey with me... Open your wings, it's time to fly...

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Based in Darwin, NT, Australia

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