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  • Are you a creative and visionary woman that desires to create epic money, live your legacy and be turned on by life feeling unashamed and guilt-free? 

  • But ​instead, you feel stuck on a hamster wheel of exhaustion, working hard, hustling, and still not experiencing the income, pleasure, freedom and ease you truly desire?

  • You may even feel energetically stuck and have negative voices in your head saying "there must be something wrong with me", "you can't have it all" or "you are not good enough for more"? 

  • Secretly you feel a deep desire to receive more money doing the work you love, make an impact, elevate your life and feel abundant and empowered AF like never before.


But you don't know how to do it or question if it's even possible for a woman like you.

I know what that feels like!


To have so many doubts, blockages and fears holding you back from the life you desire.

I was afraid of showing up as myself and worried about what people would say.

I was ashamed of being ambitious and desiring more money, pleasure and fun in my life.

I even wondered if I was good enough for the life, money and legacy I wanted to create and if I would be able to handle it all.

I underearned, self-sabotaged, freaked out, feared rejection, hated money, loved money and all the shadows that being a visionary woman brings upon us.

Especially because the world is designed to make us keep playing small.


You have decided to take on this journey for a reason.

You desire more because you know there more is available to you.

This is much bigger than you and even if you tried, you just cannot turn your back on your purpose, your passion and your heart desires.


And I am here to help you elevate yourself to get to your next level life.

I deeply understand the emotional roller coaster that creating your dream life can be, and I certainly know how to guide you through it to release any resistance, mental and energetic blockages that are holding you back, supporting you to leap into your desired money, visions and success in all areas of your life with confidence and ease.


I am here for all of it!

The truth is...

There is a confident and abundant AF woman who feels safe to play bigger and receive bigger in life.

She is not afraid of being seen and taking up her space in the world.

And she no longer has to settle for less than she desires because she is confident enough to ask for what she wants.

There is a woman that feels deeply worthy of money, freedom, love, abundance and success, and she has the power to generate, create and manifest all SHE desires with pleasure, ease and grace.

That woman is You!

EMPOWERED is here to support you to be unapologetically YOU and claim all you desire: love, freedom, joy, money, pleasure, femme power and legacy!!

You were made for all of it and you know it, now is the time to claim it!

"Jess helped me and released the wave of stress I had riding on my body. With her guidance, I was able to find within myself the best version of myself.
She helped me in the aspect of setting up my business and jumping two feet in, aiming big, I’m so so thankful for the push and guidance."


Felicity B, Jewerelly Biz Owner


Your elevated life and legacy await you on the other side of fear, doubt and limiting beliefs...

Your investment:
Prices in AUD*
12-week Immersion - $12,000 PIF (Save $1,000) or $4,335 Monthly

"I can really trust myself now to be the confident, light and cheerful woman I deserve to be.

Mariana R.

"Jess was born for this. She made me believe in myself, that I could do it and that the best would come. "

Priscila C.

"Jess has incredible energy and at the end of our sessions, I always felt like dancing and celebrating life. Thank you so much for helping me to continue following my dreams and standing up for what I really deserve."

Lilian L.

Jessica helped me on so many levels. Now I can say I am strong, I am courageous and I am compassionate. Now I can clearly see that I have everything I need and I am everything I want to be."

Mariana M.

"I absolutely can not thank Jess enough for the amazing experience! She made me feel so much better and made me realise how amazing life could be."

Natalia A.

"My sessions with Jess were amazing, It felt like 10 years of conventional therapy in one session, it surpassed any expectations I had.

I greatly improved my communication and self-confidence and this reflected positively in my relationships with my family, friends and partner.

Lia G

"What I felt and discovered in me was much more intense and beneficial than the several behavioural therapy sessions I've had these past few years. Jessica showed me that you can always feel better, we just need to look for it inside ourselves."

Raiane P.

Jess helped me to reframe many of the beliefs and old patterns I had, making everything that once caused suffering to be released.

Inae C.

"I was in a dark place, feeling constantly anxious. Jess came into my life helping me to heal my scars and overcome my fears. I learned how to connect with myself. I improved my self-love and confidence. I felt empowered to be my full potential. 

Thamara P.

About Jessica

Has your lack of self-confidence been sabotaging your dream career (66).png

Jessica Erler is a master energy healer, divine channeler, creatrix, podcaster, entrepreneur, writer and a bunch of other things.

She helps visionary women to feel confident and turned on to create the life and legacy they came here for.

She has helped many souls around the globe with her magic touch and experience when it comes to self-healing, mindset, confidence, purpose, money + biz healing.

Jessica Erler | master energy healer & soul-led entrepreneur

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