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How healing your relationship with money can help you heal your relationship with yourself?

Healing my relationship with money has allowed me to access a deep place of trust, support and love within me. A place I could never imagine existed.

I will be honest with you, on a deep level, I did not feel worthy of receiving love. Even though I have amazing people in my life.

Love for me was limited, that was how I perceived it anyways.

And diving deep into my beliefs, I discovered that because of my unworthiness, money was also limited and so was everything else in my life.

There was a ceiling of love, money and success that I would get to and I seemed not to move past it. Have you ever felt that way?

I could never access the abundance available to me and that was why I could not feel abundant even though I knew I was.

But the feeling is different from knowing.

I did not feel capable of making more money, I didn’t feel that I was good enough for money to come to me in the way I desired it.

Money had always been on a pedestal for me and I felt way below.

And that's how healing your relationship with money will show you where you need to heal your relationship with yourself.

By healing my relationship with money, I discovered that It was not about having more money, but being free to be more of me and feel that I belonged, that I was enough and that I was supported in my decisions and desires.

Now my body feels safer moving through life.

And it feels safe to say yes to what is inside of me knowing that I am fully supported by everything around me.

This journey started because I wanted to stop worrying about money and also be able to receive a decent price for my services and healings, in a way that it felt exciting, abundant and in integrity with my values and energy.

I knew money and I could have a healthier relationship and I was right!

Every day more I am giving money a different meaning than believing in what I've been taught or the stories I created in past experiences.

Money now has a different meaning to me.

Money is love because I am love.

Money is peace because I am peace.

Money is experience because I choose to experience money.

Money is support because I choose to be supported by money.

Money is a resource because I choose money to be resourceful.

Money is a choice because I choose to have money.

Money is good and wants me well because money is what I decide it will be.

Getting out of survival mode to abundance requires a deep level of faith, self-love and self-worth.

I am so grateful that money is a tool through which I am embodying more of myself and saying yes to all I am worthy of being and receiving in this lifetime.

I receive more because I am more.

More of myself. More of my truth. More of what I came here to be and to do.

And I thank money for being more than just a currency for me. I allow money to support me so I can be in service and support to others.

If you're ready to heal your relationship with yourself through money and be able to experience abundance flowing through you, apply to work with me in my healing immersions at or send me an email at

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About the author


Jessica Erler is a master energy healer, channeler, creatrix, podcaster, entrepreneur, writer and a bunch of other things.

She helps women just like you, to let go of the old conditioning of their minds so you can feel confident and at ease to create the life they came here for.

She has helped many souls around the globe with her magic touch and experience when it comes to self-healing, mindset, confidence, purpose, money + biz healing.

My signature healing meditation to heal your money blocks + manifest abundance and success with ease!


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Jessica Erler | master energy healer & soul-led entrepreneur

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