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Love x Money: Do you have to choose?

Do you really have to choose between love and money or can you have it all?

This post is for women who struggle to have both.

Have you ever felt that when you are single you thrive and make money but as soon as you enter a love relationship, you begin to lose your power, money difficulties arise and when you realise, it felt as if your life had stopped somehow?

Your relationship becomes a priority and you find it hard to keep a balance between both career and love.

And even if you are in a love relationship trying to build your own career/business it feels like you will never be successful and make the amount of money that you desire. It's just all a struggle and in the meantime, your partner could be thriving (or not).

And you even think that money is not meant for you or love is not meant for you and that you have to choose. But do you really?

I will be straight to the point. What happens is... you are still waiting for the validation of a man figure (dad's approval for exemple) to be who you came here to be and that happens subconsciously.

It's a younger version of yourself who is trapped within you waiting for approval, support, love and direction of the masculine energy. That could be your 4 years old, 8 years old or 16 years old self.

She shows up as insecure, jealous, creating drama, demands, making excuses and has feelings of never being good enough, keeping the cycle of comparison, self-sabotage and imposter syndrome.

The good news is, there is nothing wrong with you, you are just seeing life, money and love from a trapped young version of yourself. Now that you know that is your responsibility to change, is your responsibility to free her and see life as who you really are: an empowered woman.

So to answer the question of this post... No, you don't have to choose between love and money because you can have both. What you do have to choose is yourself and who do you want to be in this lifetime.

Of course, that it could be a lot of other reasons why is still hard for you to have both, such as money toxic beliefs, codependency, past traumatic experiences, mindset, etc so if you're looking to change the story and be successful in all areas of your life, my work is here to help you.

Reach out by booking a session with me or applying for my healing immersions.


About the author


Jessica Erler is a master energy healer, channeler, creatrix, podcaster, entrepreneur, writer and a bunch of other things.

She helps women just like you, to let go of the old conditioning of their minds so you can feel confident and at ease to create the life they came here for.

She has helped many souls around the globe with her magic touch and experience when it comes to self-healing, mindset, confidence, purpose, money + biz healing.

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Jessica Erler | master energy healer & soul-led entrepreneur

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