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Monetizing yourself is a mindset game

Updated: Mar 23

There were times when women monetized themselves by having sex (and still do) - nothing against it but...

That only shows how for some women, it was the way they saw themselves as capable of making more money.

I even applied to be a stripper and honestly thought about having a hot sugar daddy, but my values never let me (it was not really my thing, it felt weird for me)

I just wanted money to be easier and a SOLUTION instead of being a PROBLEM in my life!

I didn’t feel worthy of money and good enough for money!

Money and work were something I seemed to always struggle with and I got to the point of wanting to end my life - not many people know that!

I got so sick of it. I didn't actually want to end my life. I wanted to live so badly. I just wanted that current reality I was living in to end.

I wanted freedom, joy, pleasure, fun... I wanted to be me and get paid for it with pleasure

So I followed the path of being an entrepreneur, not any entrepreneur but a spiritual entrepreneur in a foreign country, getting paid for my truth, talents and gifts

And that sounded crazy for someone like me. Someone who was bullied and rejected her whole life to make money by being herself??

That choice invited me to look at my money-toxic beliefs, self-esteem and the way I saw myself

I always felt that I was born for riches but never felt capable of creating it. Have you ever felt that way?

Having desires bigger than what your money can afford?

Have you ever thought so little of yourself, therefore, you limited your dreams and what you thought you were capable of doing it/achieving it?

Have you ever wondered if one day you would stop struggling with money/work or if it would be forever a struggle? ME TOO!

And that was enough for me to blow shit up and decide to change my reality, my standards and what I was available for in life!

This is a mindset game

Money is mindset

Wealth is mindset

Success is mindset

Opportunities are mindset

How you see yourself is a mindset

And you get to choose your set of thoughts and beliefs!

When you change the way you think you change the way you feel, the way you see life, money, wealth, success and opportunities

Only when you take money off the pedestal, you can see that money needs you to be valued. Money by itself is nothing, money needs you to be circulated, invested and multiplied!

The value has always been in you, not in money... because money without you is neutral.

You are the one who decides what money it's going to be like for you.

You are already worthy

You are already enough

You are valued and deeply loved

Wealth, money and success come to you because you are YOU! So how could it not happen when you are a child of God? How could you not be abundant? How could you not be wealthy? How could you not be successful? If that's all that you are? The rest is a bunch of lies you have been telling yourself!

That's the work we do in my world!

The Empowered Woman is here to help you rise to riches by doing the work you love and getting paid to be unapologetically you!

Imagine feeling valued and getting paid massive compensation to do the work you LOVE?

Imagine having a sexy, fun and playful relationship with money?

Imagine having the freedom of being you?

Imagine changing your life forever?

This is not a dream, this can be your reality if you choose to!

This is not a get-rich-quick scheme

This is a rebirth of you

This is you choosing every single day the life you’re building for yourself

A life not based on fear, scarcity and not-enoughness but a life built on power, confidence, self-worth, abundance and possibilities

This is what it looks like to build a living being an EMPOWERED WOMAN!

If you feel the call and you’re ready to uplevel your money, life and work, I invite you to step into my world where we’ll go on a powerful healing journey to clear your toxic money blocks, roots of unworthiness, insecurities, fears and awaken your inner EMPOWERED WOMAN who is highly confident, unapologetic and magnetic to money and success.


Apply HERE

Love & Wealth,




My signature healing meditation to heal your money blocks + feel confident with money!


About the author


Jessica Erler is a master energy healer, channeler, creatrix, podcaster, entrepreneur, writer and a soul-led woman.

She helps visionary women clear their blockages and elevate themselves at all levels so they can be confident to do the work they love and create a wealthy, fulfilling & heart-centred life.

She has helped many souls around the globe with her magic touch and experience when it comes to self-healing, mindset, confidence, purpose, money + biz healing with:

  • 4+ years experience as an international energy healer with the gift to shift fears, self-doubts, unworthiness, money wounds, anxiety and stress from people's lives.​


  • Powerful ability to cleanse your energy field of scarcity vows, poverty pacts and wealth wounds, aligning your energy and mindset to support the creation of financial abundance.


  • 2+ years of experience running her own successful international healing practice and heart-based business as an immigrant in Australia. 

The Wealth Healer Jessica Erler

Jessica Erler | leading energy healer for visionary women

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