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The reason why women don't make more money...

Have you ever felt that you were here for big things but somehow, you keep playing small?

As if something was holding you back from your next leap?

You can feel the energy shifting

The universe aligning for all to happen for you

And yet you keep insisting that you aren’t ready yet so you find excuses, problems arise, clients disappear, the car breaks down, unexpected expenses, a fight with your partner...

The reality is You worked so hard for it and now that it is your time to receive it, you’re feeling unworthy

You lose interest You change your mind

You overcomplicate things You self-sabotage

Because “to be the first woman in your family to be successful doing the work you love can’t be right” (this is an unconscious belief that needs to be shifted and released)

"To make good money does not feel safe"

"To have more in life means you're ungrateful"

Plus you are loyal to your family (especially if the women in your family did not make much money and had to work really hard for it) so doing things differently than them feels like a betrayal

Making more money than them feels embarrassing

To be seen, to be confident, to be successful, to desire and have the nicest things. All that you worked for and still... Somehow does not feel right to have it

It feels unsafe

There is the guilt, the shame, the fear

And you feel that living with ease discounts all the effort you put in because you learned that to be worthy you needed to work hard

Deep inside you know there is an easier way

That it does not have to be so complicated for you

Yes, you are the women whose life happens for you because you’ve chosen that

But yet you’re afraid of what it might look like if you did have it all

Because you aren’t used to it

So you keep holding yourself back

You keep playing small even tho you know you are here for big things

You keep sabotaging yourself

I've been there when I uplevel the prices in my business and opened up my energy to abundance and ease in my life and business so I see you. I feel you

One of the ways you can overcome fear, guilt and insecurities is through journaling. That was how I was able to let off a lot of the blockages that were holding me back but sometimes it feels good to receive support from someone who's been there and can help you heal and release what no longer serves you.

That's why I designed my potent healing immersion, The Empowered Woman, for THE woman who knows she is meant for big things. For THE woman who knows she is meant to have it all and wants to stop holding herself back

It is for THE woman who is here not only for the hard work but also for the fun, pleasure, abundance, purpose, love and all things

If that is you and you know it's time, you can know more HERE



My signature healing meditation to heal your money blocks + feel confident with money!


About the author


Jessica Erler is a master energy healer, channeler, creatrix, podcaster, entrepreneur, writer and a soul-led woman.

She helps visionary women clear their blockages and elevate themselves at all levels so they can be confident to do the work they love and create a wealthy, fulfilling & heart-centred life.

She has helped many souls around the globe with her magic touch and experience when it comes to self-healing, mindset, confidence, purpose, money + biz healing with:

  • 4+ years experience as an international energy healer with the gift to shift fears, self-doubts, unworthiness, money wounds, anxiety and stress from people's lives.​


  • Powerful ability to cleanse your energy field of scarcity vows, poverty pacts and wealth wounds, aligning your energy and mindset to support the creation of financial abundance.


  • 2+ years of experience running her own successful international healing practice and heart-based business as an immigrant in Australia. 

The Wealth Healer Jessica Erler

Jessica Erler | leading energy healer for visionary women

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