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This is how you sabotage yourself...

What is it that you have been praying and asking for? Is it a love relationship, money, success, a house, peace, health?

At the end of the day, it does not really matter what is. How small or how big it is because God wants to give you all. You are the one who co-creates with God, you have its given power.

The problem is, you feel small compared to a lot of your dreams.

You want them but you don’t feel good enough to have them.

You turn them into a big deal instead of seeing yourself as a big deal.

That’s why this endless cycle of drama, scarcity, asking and then when it's time to receive you sabotage yourself.

Because of your not-enoughness syndrome.

"Wait, I need to fix this first, I have to prepare that first, I need to lose weight first, I have to do this and this and heal that" and you just never are good enough.

Or you can even manifest a lot of things but not the dam thing that you truly want and when you forget about it and it comes, you don’t even want it anymore or again... you sabotage it!

That was me, I manifested and then sabotaged, and that was with trips, money, clients, relationships and all of it. I only allowed myself to have certain things but not all of them.

I was not giving myself permission to be happy so I had to make something wrong, otherwise, it would be too perfect.

What if is perfect? What if it could always get better and better, simply because you are a big deal and choose to be that way?

So far I believe you want to be happy but I’m also sure that at some point you will sabotage your happiness and we all do that but now you are aware and can do something about it. (and I'm here to help you).

So then it feels like you can never have it all.

But let me tell you one thing: If deep inside your heart you desire to have it all is because you are meant to have it all.

The life path was never through the mind, to what is possible, the logic... but through the soul, which is infinite, expanded, abundant, wise and knows the way.

You just can not live a life of true happiness and fulfilment if you ignore the wishes of your soul. You just cannot. Because you are not your dam mind, you are your soul.

And to live a heart-centred life you must let go of the traits you have developed to survive through life. You can not thrive and exceed fully if you’re giving your mind credit instead of what your heart knows to be true and guess what, YOU KNOW THAT!!

But you are afraid that you might be crazy, delusional and you are afraid of being disappointed, so you don't even try, you don't even give yourself a chance to succeed.

Choose that you are good enough for love and you will be.

Choose that you are good enough for money and you will be.

Choose that you are good enough for your clients and you will be.

Choose that you are enough for happiness, health and wealth and you will be.

Because God never wanted to hold back anything from you, you are the one holding yourself back. So stop blaming the universe and everyone else around you. You are not the victim, you are one with Creator.

All opportunities are out there, all possibilities are out there just waiting for you to choose it!

So let yourself GO, let yourself BE, let yourself HAVE.

Drop into your heart and just say YES, I am enough for that! Thank you, I receive it and so be it and when the not enough voice comes you know what to do: tell it to f*ck off. (ha)

Love & Wealth


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About the author


Jessica Erler is a master energy healer, channeler, creatrix, podcaster, entrepreneur, writer and a bunch of other things.

She helps women just like you, to let go of the old conditioning of their minds so you can feel confident and at ease to create the life they came here for.

She has helped many souls around the globe with her magic touch and experience when it comes to self-healing, mindset, confidence, purpose, money + biz healing.

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Jessica Erler | master energy healer & soul-led entrepreneur

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