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Why all the money hate and judgment?

Updated: Feb 8

I will be very honest with you, I love money!

And that might sound weird and uncomfortable to you, So let me challenge you...

I challenge you to say out loud that you love money and notice what feelings come up in your body.

You might feel embarrassed, ashamed or even think that you're shallow, that you cannot love money, and that you cannot be ambitious.

That happens because society made it okay for men to have money but not women.

"Women need to be quiet, have an average job and nurture their families but not be ambitious and rich because that makes them a bitch. Let's make them believe in that so they don't recognise their fucking power, keep playing small and don't take over the world"

Yes, we were made to believe in that and it sucks because now you feel bad about the fact that you desire more for your life.

That does not have to be a reality for you!

You get to have everything! Money, love, career, family, success, purpose and freedom.

You get to feel empowered. You get to be HAPPY in case nobody told you that... and if money makes you happy so be it, have it!!

Let me tell you that when I started healing my relationship with money, I noticed how embarrassed I felt.

I wanted to hide that from people because I was afraid of judgement, of being attacked. The last thing I wanted was for people to think that I was a money-hungry and ambitious woman.

And that fear and embarrassment held me back from charging bananas for my services and it felt so out of alignment with the high vibration and transformation of my work.

And maybe you are holding on to bananas soul-sucking jobs and beliefs when deep inside you know you are meant for more!

Since healing my relationship with money I was able to raise my prices to almost 6x more and it honestly feels so abundant and empowering.

I am not saying this to show off because I honestly don't need to. I am sharing this with you because this is also possible for you and even more!

Just let me say that loving money, valuing yourself, being ambitious and desiring more for your life is ALLOWED. YAYYY, what I relief!

I have a free powerful healing activation to help you feel empowered with your money, click here to download.

Or if you would like support, EMPOWERED is my high-vibe healing immersion, for a woman who desires MORE in life, more love, more abundance, more success, more confidence, more pleasure and ALL of it!!

If you're ready to elevate all areas of your life, EMPOWERED is for you and I am here to invite you!

Are you ready to elevate your life? Are you ready to choose the woman within you who is ambitious, empowered, worthy and abundant?

I've got only a few spaces left and I would love for one of them to be yours.

Know more here or contact me via

Lots of love,



My signature healing meditation to heal your money blocks + feel confident with money!


About the author


Jessica Erler is a master energy healer, channeler, creatrix, podcaster, entrepreneur, writer and a soul-led woman.

She helps visionary women clear their blockages and elevate themselves at all levels so they can be confident to do the work they love and create a wealthy, fulfilling & heart-centred life.

She has helped many souls around the globe with her magic touch and experience when it comes to self-healing, mindset, confidence, purpose, money + biz healing with:

  • 4+ years experience as an international energy healer with the gift to shift fears, self-doubts, unworthiness, money wounds, anxiety and stress from people's lives.​


  • Powerful ability to cleanse your energy field of scarcity vows, poverty pacts and wealth wounds, aligning your energy and mindset to support the creation of financial abundance.


  • 2+ years of experience running her own successful international healing practice and heart-based business as an immigrant in Australia. 

The Wealth Healer Jessica Erler

Jessica Erler | leading energy healer for visionary women

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